Sunday Outing 3rd June 12 – A Disappointing Turnout

I was a little disapointed that only 5 of us turned up at Churchill Island for the club Sunday outing.  But having said that I am not surprised, as soon as the rain started, last night, my expectations fell.  It was cold and wet but Donna, Brian, Rosie, Diana and I braved the weather believeing some of you might have turned up too and we went out there.  Yes there were lots of things to see, but no not a lot of light to take pictures in. There were several interesting walking paths and indeed we took them but the mild but presistant rain dulled the excitement, must have dulled the senses too.  Highlight of the day was the very good company the fine lunch and being out in the great outdoors.  Thank you for coming Brian, Donna, Diana and My Rosie – the rest of you missed out!

Cheers Andy