Competition Night – Tuesday 5th June 2012

On Tuesday 5 June we have the June Competition Night at the usual place, Mount Waverley Community Centre, 47 Miller Crescent. The theme for the nights competition is ‘Open’ and it is shaping up to be a very good night. The judge for the evening is Jean-Philippe Weibel, JP to you and I and to the rest of his many friends.

JP was born and raised in a small village in the Swiss Alps where he started photographing the mountains and enjoying the climb to do so. He decided to marry a travelling Aussie girl and like all good Aussie wife’s she undoubtedly convinced him they should emigrate to Australia. His photography became restricted to the growing children and the odd holiday shots until 1987 when he joined the Caulfield Photographic Society. Since then JP has helped CPS with its annual beginners course, convened the Judging Panel and having gained experience in the Critique of images, has been visiting camera clubs to judge, critique and evaluate their monthly and end of year comps. He has made forays into many forms of photography – Close up, Portrait, Still life and of course the one that he continually returns to, Landscape. JP recently retired and now has the time to travel our beautiful country where he continues to enjoy the challenge of photography.

WCC welcomes all visitors to the club and a special welcome is extended to the people participating in the Monash Positive Ageing and Lifestyles (PALS) program, please click this link HERE for a description of what to expect from your evenings visit to WCC.

Tuesday promises to be another great Comp night with a bumper number of B Grade Prints, Come along and listen to JP critique our images and remember, it will be an even better night if you turn up and show your support for your club and your fellow members. See you all on Tuesday 5th june at 7:30PM for an 8pm start.

Dave Sumner
WCC Secretary