Workshop Night – 17th July Table Top Photography in House Judging and Critique

The Table Top Photography in-house judging will happen on the 17th of July at about 7.30pm downstairs at Wadham House, see THIS PAGE for locations if you are unsure of where to meet.

This is a follow on from the table top presentation we had in May and we are very lucky to once again have Mr Adrien Smith who was our guide through this interesting exercise as a judge for the evening.  No points will be allocated to this event, but Mr Smith will talk about  your efforts and hopefully by the end of the evening we will have a much better understanding of what Table Top photography is and how we can improve the quality of our own efforts. For the many web-surfers among you, why not look up a few web-sites and surprise our guest judge!

Please bring along your table top images on USB or CD so we can show them on the night.

Cheers Andy
WCC Vice President