Sunday outings this weekend

Hi Folks,

You missed a great night if you weren’t there last night. As discussed last night there will be 2 outings this Sunday.

The first will be Williamstown as scheduled. We will meet at 5:20am. Yes that’s 20 minutes past five in the morning. We will meet at the top green dot on the map attached. on the Strand opposite Ferguson St. I think we might end up at the lower green dot but we will meet at the top one.


The second outing is at 9am. It is at Monash Gallery of Art and I hope you will all be there to take part in their annual Masterpiece in a Day competition. Entry is $5 and the prizes are worth winning. Shooting begins at 9 and finishes at 1:40pm. Presentation will be at 3. Check out the MGA website for more details.

See you while it’s still dark on Sunday morning.