Photo Opportunities 2

Hi folk, I hope U all have been enjoying this spate of hot weather. I am listening to some people on the radio tell me that summer has come early this year. Not so, when Rosie and I came to Oz in the 60’s the weather in October was hot, damn hot, and we had already come from a tropical country!! Anyway the weather notwithstanding, here are some (more) photo-opportunities all of which were taken from todays Age.

Opportunity 1 – Head to the National Sports Museum where someone will teach U, or the children, or your partner, how to shoot an arrow – from a bow of course! The National Sports Museum is opened daily during the weekend and is located in the MCG

Opportunity 2 – Hotair ballooning at the Yarra Valley, really makes me take flight. This weekend from Balgownie Estate Winery; an hour in the sky, unthered, no RAAF pilot but very safe no doubt, and a 5 star gourmet breakfast when U come down. But call before U go 1800 468 247

Opportunity 3 – The Lavendula Swiss Italian Farm just 10 minutes North of Daylesford is, as The Age likes to call it, a sensory celebration. The aroma and the sight of it, a sea of purple lavanda. Fabulous. Seems they are opened from 10.30am to 5.30pm, they live out at Shepherds Flat, or try probably a daily occurance.

Opportunity 4 – …is out at the Great Otway National Park, Triplet Falls is “three distinct and impressive cascades” South-West of Melbourne via Geelong or Colac.

Opportunity 5 – Its Christmas so head out to the City and see the Big Christmas tree come to life with a burst of colour. Free tonight at 6.30pm. But Christmas in Oz goes on for months so get out there after the lights have come on. If U cant go today, go later. And finally

 Opportunity 6 – Shepherds Bush, Nortons Park at daybreak, listen for the dawn chorus of nearly 90 species of birds. The Friends of the Dandenong Valley Parklands will be there tomorrow, Saturday November 14th from 7.30 am to take U for a free guided walk to hear the morning calls. Nortons Lane Wantirna South Call 13 19 63 for more information or get on to

So thats the lot … enjoy your weekend and keep logging into the blog site for more photo-opportunities – when they come in I will get them on to the blog site.