A fun night of sound-triggered flash photos

Wadham House resembled a packed media conference at Tuesday night’s sound-triggered flash workshop. After everyone had set up their camera gear, the night started off with a bang.

With Stephen Edmonds on props, Pete Davies at the light switch and some generous supplies from some forward-thinking members, many party-poppers were detonated at various angles and millisecond delay settings; no single one popped the same: some fizzled, a few backfired onto Stephen’s fingers, some hit Dave Sumner in the head – entertainment on its own! Using the club’s sound triggered flash system (built by Craig Terry), in a dark room with about 15 open camera shutters, those attending got the opportunity to photograph some unique action,especially towards the end of the night when positioning and timing of the flash had been perfected.

Some more members brought a few [increasingly rare] tungsten lightbulbs to smash up with a metal wrench (these glass bulbs proved surprisingly difficult to shatter!) Keeping to the pyrotechnic flavour of the night, the workshop finale involved an exploding apple that had to be seen to be believed.

A fun night of photography and many a laugh was shared between club members for another highly successful WCC workshop.