Friday outing to Brighton Bathing Boxes

Hi Folk!
At last a non-rainy relatively warm Friday night outing for the Waverley Camera Club. Hooray!

Rosie and I joined Steve, Leif, Jason – yes Jason with his wife – John and Jan, Pete, Diana and Ian at Brighton Beach for the Friday evening (twilight) shoot. A twilight shoot because we have been judged wanting – wanting light in the sky that is.

Anyway, the colourful beach boxes stood out in contrast against the yellow beach sand the huge brightly coloured and translucent kites presented a spectacular sight against a brilliant blue sky and the Surf Life Savers reminded us of the ever present danger that has become a major concern for Victorians at this time of the year. Drowning.

There were lots of people on the beach all enjoying the weather and members of the Waverley Camera Club were not the only ones swinging cameras on the end of tripods. There were a couple from South America with lenses like bazookas and others whose cameras reminded me of the little plastic camera shaped toys I had as a small boy but i’m sure these had steel bodies, ground glass lenses and 14 mega pixels.

Some of us took some good images and some of us, I for one, took some spectacularly bad ones. Having said that Rosie and I know that Brighton Beach is not far from home and we could be there again, time and weather permitting of course. For those of you who couldn’t join us “no worries” there will be other days and other outings, you will always be welcome.