End of Year Competition Results 2010

The End of Year evening went really well with a great attendance and a fantastic judge, Randal Armstrong from the AIPP. Randal entertained us with his images and stories of how and when they were taken as well as some more humourous comments about some of the images. Also he shared his passion for his coffee table book on old signs and their part in history. Randal managed a 5 minute break whilst the President, Pete announced the winners for A & B Grade Print & EDI aggregate scores and awarded the trophies accordingly as follows:

A Grade Print – John Hadfield
A Grade EDI – Dave Sumner
B Grade Print – Anne DiCarlo
B Grade EDI – Anne DiCarlo & Andy Armitage

Promoted to A Grade for 2011

Andy Armitage
Diana Ferdinands
David Burton

Well done guys and thanks for your efforts in 2010.

End of Year Competition

Then Randal took centre stage again to announce the place getters for the three End of Year subjects as follows:

Mono Prints

3rd Winters Morning Marysville – Vicki Moritz
2nd Reflective Ranga – Vicki Moritz
1st Nymphaea – Stephen Edmonds

Open Prints

3rd Flinders Morning – Vicki Moritz
2nd Sit Down – Stephen Edmonds
1st The Happy Couple – Dave Sumner

ELectronic (EDI)

3rd The Green Line – Pete Davies
2nd Old Beacon New Lights – Dave Sumner
1st DJ Duchess Kaye – Teddy Tan

Well done to those people.

President’s Trophy

The President then showed us the images for the President’s Trophy and the winner was announced as

A Shadow of a Doubt – Donna Clarke

Donna Clarke - Shadow of a Doubt

Thank you to all that came to support the evening and especially all that took part. Thanks to Peter Myers and the AIPP for the books and to the judge Randal Armstrong. Also a big special thank you to the outgoing 2010 committee who without a doubt have done a great job and welcome to the new 2011 committee. I would like to also take this opportunity to wish all of you who won’t be attending the Xmas dinner, a merry Xmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Thanks for all of your support throughout 2010.