Sunday Outing Report – Sunday 5th Dec 2010

Hi all!
Rosie, Diana and I enjoyed another really great WCC Sunday outing at The McLelland Gallery & Sculpture Park in Langwarrin this morning together with Pete, Dave, Ian and Lynne Hanson, Donna, Jenny, Ron and Chris Weatherhead. We arrived around 10.30am; Dave, Ian and Mrs Hansen were there already. The great weather, which was promised anyway, helped enormously; We walked around the pond enjoying the birds, butterflys and dragonflies and in the afternoon we made the long walk through the sclupture trails.  A relatively easy exercise after we’d had a relaxed picnic lunch together in the shade by the lake. We had two experts on hand all day to deliver us out of tricky lighting conditions, blown-out sunspots and to help with apeture and depth-of-field issues. Thank you Dave and Pete. 

Once again we missed you.

Cheers Andy

Image by Andy Armitage

I took this shot of the group of us reflected in one of the pieces of artwork.

Image by Dave Sumner

The intention here was to get some of the photographers in whilst omitting myself from the reflection.