First Sunday Outing Report

Sunrise shoots are meant to be exciting and leave a lot to the imagination.  This one was no different.  Rosie and I with Pete Davies, Ray Anderson, Albert Hutchins and Jenny Boyle arrived at the prescinct of the Monash Gallery of Art at 5.00am in time to get in tune with all the 1,000,000 other inhabitants of the area – the mosquitoes.  The frogs not to be out-done took on their own cacophany, the birds were not even awake yet.  After our last foray into the bush for a Sunday shoot, following the lead of all the other seasoned participants, Rosie and I have now actually put a tube of Bushmans into my camera bag, but, although I pocketted the little red torch, I left the Bushmans in the car. Got cleaned up ! Anyway thanks Jenny for the Aeroguard.

We looked around for something to take a picture of, but it was still dark, and the mosquitoes would not leave us alone, Rosie and I opted for the library building; awash in the glow of its own security lighting the library was the most prominent of the ‘things’ we could see.  At one stage there was a mouse scuttling around and its enormours shadow was something to behold but not to take a picture of.  The others wondered away elsewhere.  The light was soft and clean but disappointingly there was no real sunrise.  The pond in the gardens looked great in the rising light and so did the library building – i’m not so sure whether I was able to do it justice.

Andy Armitage