Competition Night – Tuesday 2nd August 2011

Tonight at Waverley Camera Club is competition night where our judges, master photographers Andrew and Fiona Harrison will be looking through our images and providing valuable feedback on how to make the images better. Of course they will also be rewarding the entrants with the usual merits, highly commended and winning images and if you are a member then you know what to expect and can be assured that it will be a great night. For those who are only thinking of joining or are not sure about coming, please come along and pay us a visit we definately don’t bite. We pride ourselves on being a friendly and welcoming club and you will be made to feel most welcome. There is no audience participation required and no pressure to join, just come along and have a look at what we do. Hey, we’ll even give you a cup of coffee or tea and a biscuit to show our gratitude of your visit and you’ll be treated to a slideshow of great images submitted to the competition by our members from absolute beginners to seasoned ‘experts’ 😉

Of course if you have been before and do wish to join us or you are still not sure, then Jill will advise you on all thing Waverley CC and even get you to have a quick chat with some of the members to answer any questions that you may have.

See you all tonight.