Workshop Night – Ian Rolfe’s Presentation Report

On Tuesday 16th August we had the well known photographer Ian Rolfe visit and give us a presentation on landscape photography and the light. Ian opened his presentation to a packed Wadham House with a slideshow of his landscape images which were truly stunning. It was immediately obvious to us all that this man knew how to find and capture the light and use it to his advantage in his work. Ian went on to talk about the different types of light as well as composition, exposure, Depth of Field and many other factors that effect all of the shots that we take. Ian showed us that it is the work prior to taking the image that is important and less towards the post production that we have all come to expect from images.

Ian finished his talk with a slideshow of King Island and passed on some information about the tours that he runs there, four times per year.

Ian Rolfe Photography

All in all we had a very good evening and I think we all came away with something that we never knew prior to it. So thank you very much to Ian and we look forward to seeing his techniques applied to shots submitted into future club competitions.