Competitions in 2012

In the coming year we will be having ten monthly competitions.

In a change from previous years, all of the monthly competitions will be open, ie there will be no set subjects. However please note that the March and September competitions will be open monochrome. You can use any subject you wish, but it must be treated as monochrome.

In order to avoid having a judging night on Cup Day in November, the judging night for the November competition (and the due date for the end of year competition) will be on the last Tuesday in October.

Finally, please remember that entries are due for our February competition next Tuesday 10 January, 2012. This will be a BBQ at a location still to be determined.

Update: The BBQ will be at Jells Park, arrive as early as 5pm, second hut near the main carpark when entering from Waverley Road.