4-Club Interclub Results

The 4-Club Interclub competition was held last night, 17th Apr at Maroondah’s Club Rooms in Ringwood. The night was quite hotly contested between Berwick Viewfinders, Maroondah Photographic Society, Eastern Suburbs Camera Club and Waverley Camera Club. There were some very good images presented and the judge Rob Sloane did his best to tell us about each image. Thanks you to everyone who contributed to the competition and to Paul Spence, Vicki Moritz, Rosie Hughes, Dave Sumner and especially Donna Clarke for the efforts in getting the images together. The results were as follows:

Club – EDI Images – Mono Prints – Colour Prints

Berwick – 62Pts – 64Pts – 71Pts (=1st)

Marroondah – 68Pts – 66Pts – 61Pts

Estn Suburbs – 69Pts (1st) – 67Pts (1st) – 57Pts

Waverley – 66Pts – 60Pts – 71Pts (=1st)

A very special mention must go to Vicki Moritz, our star photographer who scored a 1st in EDI for Southern Cross Station and a 2nd in Open Prints for St Kilda Dawn (my absolute favourite image), well done Vicki.