Sound Triggered Flash Night Report – 16th July 2013

This is the clubs third or fourth ‘Sound Triggered Flash Night’ and they just keep getting better and better. We had the room setup with a central table where everyone could get 360 degree access. The room was full of people and was a sea of tripod legs and we spread ourselves around fairly evenly spaced out. Then it was the usual go around the Nikons and turn off the focus assist lamp although this years big offender was George with his little Lumix point and shoot that insisted on emitting a horrid orange glow every time a button was pressed. However, there was a couple of other offenders with Fred Seeber having his pop up flash working at one point and all of wondering why the sound flash was going off early until a keen eyed person realised it was Fred’s flash.

We burst balloons, smashed light globes, set off party poppers, fired silly string, dropped coloured pencils and sprayed aerosols all in the name of photography and I must say that from what I saw, we got some great shots. As always the multi balloons with flour inside were pretty popular as was the water on the outside of the balloons.

By Dave Sumner

The night shot by and before we knew it, the time had crept to 10.30 and we were still shooting away so it was a quick tidy up and off home after another very successful workshop. I hope you all got some great images and thanks have to go to Pete, Fred and Stephen for providing us with a great night, especially to Fred Bullock who did nearly all of the cleaning up.

By Dave Sumner

Thanks and see you at the next club night.

Dave Sumner
WCC Secretary.