WCC – Fantastic Results for 24th Eastern Interclub September 2014

The 24th Eastern Interclub Competition was held on Wednesday 17th September 2014 with a total of 8 clubs taking part. Once again WCC’s members have risen to the challenge with their fantastic photography and I have to say that there is the usual mix of our fine photographers in the pot including Craig Francisco who as always has done brilliantly as has Tuck Leong. But, before we get to the results I want to add a special mention for Anne Ramus with her image Seagulls Stacked Up, well done Anne in what was I think, your first interclub. Also there were a few other newer members taking part this time such as Geoff Shaw with his image City of Gold, Oswin Antio’s image Living on a Prayer and Hai Thi Nguyen with Morning’s Taggerty.

It is unfortunate that I couldn’t make the Eastern Interclub myself however, I have been given the results by the President and all I can say is a huge WELL DONE to those people whose images were representing Waverley. Particularly the members listed above who also achieved individual awards. The results are as follows:

The Overall Club Results

As you can see, all the individual club members image scores are added together to give a score in each section for each club. Then each section is added together to give an overall club score. Therefore, with 179 points WCC were overall winners along with 61 points in Small Prints and 59 points in EDI making WCC top scorers in both of those sections. We also had 59 points in Large Prints making WCC 4th with 1st place only being 3 points ahead.









Individual Results

I’ve only listed the members scores here for those with individual awards, to see everyone’s scores please see the gallery HERE 

Large Prints – Craig Francisco – North Wharf SunsetMERIT

Small Prints – Anne Ramus – Seagulls Stacked Up  – MERIT

Small Prints – Craig Francisco – Sleeping Giants – SECOND PLACE

EDI – Tuck Leong – Concentration SECOND PLACE

Some of you may have noticed that there are several blank spaces in in the Small Print section of the results.  This has been the case for several years now and many clubs find it difficult to get members to print small versions of their images and therefore don’t enter. VAPS also had a small print section in their interclub competition until last year when they dropped this section. The small print section was used when printing was only really available in labs and amateur photographers didn’t have access to larger format printing as they do today. With that in mind, I am told that the Eastern Interclub will be dropping the small print section for 2015 and replacing it with a monochrome section.

Again, well done top all the WCC members that took part.

Dave Sumner