Sunday Outing – 5th October 2014 – Mentone Sunset

We’ve all seen those dreamy seascape shots with the fluid sky and flat calm looking water but how many of us know how those are created. Well, on Sunday 5th October the cat will be out of the bag and who better to let the cat out than a session with Alistair Wilson.

Sunday’s outing will be a fantastic opportunity to spend time with Alistair and learn how to use filters and slow shutter speeds to capture those stunning seascape photos. Rumour has it that his mother may be there too and she is also a very accomplished seascape photographer along with a few other club members who have shown promise is this area.

The session is conveniently located at Mentone and will start at 6.45 pm on Sunday 5 October 2014, so this time you can have your lie in and eat your cake. Meet at the pier remains directly opposite where Warrigal Road hits Beach Road.

If you were at Alistair’s workshop earlier this year you will know this outing is not to be missed.

sunday-outing-october-2014        Capture