Painting With Pixels – Opening 30th Nov 2014

The Club’s Painting With Pixels exhibition opening went extremely well with well over 40 people attending the event. The MGA staff had done an exceptional job in hanging the images along with providing drinks and refreshment for the opening. The president welcomed everyone to the opening with a short speech and lots of networking and interaction between members ensued. I listened to the comments and reactions of people around the room and the exhibition seemed to be very well received.

One apology I have to make is to Crag Francisco whose image descriptions in the accompanying documentation were switched around however, once realised, this was quickly rectified for us by MGA staff.

Also I would like to extend a warm welcome to Isabella and Lily, two Korean ladies who came to the opening and seemed to really enjoy the images in the gallery. Isabella doesn’t speak English very well (her words) but we managed to communicate and she has expressed that she would be interested in joining the club. I will invite her to come along to the BBQ in January and hopefully she will join us in the New Year.
















The WCC Committee would like to thank all members who attended the gallery opening and to those who couldn’t attend for loaning their images for the exhibition. We would also like to thank MGA, especially to Stephen and Mark for their kind offer to host our exhibition and for their help in setting up and coordinating the event.


Dave Sumner

WCC Vice-President