End of Year Results for 2014

End of year competition

Monochrome prints

3rd: Cuc Chong – Black Diamond
2nd: Stephen Edmonds – Morning Ride
1st: Anthony Yap – Alvin

Anthony Yap - Alvin

Colour Prints

3rd – Felix Shparberg – In the Late Twilight
2nd: Cuc Chong – Cute one
1st: Vicki Moritz – Foggy Dawn Val DOrcia

Vicki Moritz - Foggy Dawn Val DOrcia


3rd: Stephen Edmonds – Riding Through
2nd: Tuck Leong – Concentration
1st: Felix Shparberg – Sand

Felix Shparberg - Sand

Monthly competition aggregate points

A grade print – Rosie Hughes
A grade EDI – Rosie Hughes
B grade print – Geoff Shaw
B grade EDI – Dianne Willis