Geelong Waterfront plus Wildlife Photographer of the Year Outing

On Sunday 22/04/18, our Outing was to Geelong Waterfront and Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition at the Geelong Wool Museum. Some of us car pooled which enhanced our experience and met at Cunningham Pier at 10AM. There was a lot to photograph, including bollards, mariner and Eastern Beach surroundings. The weather was a little foggy to start with but eventually cleared to blue skies.

Ross Eddington - Cunningham Pier

Ray Stabey-To The Pier

We lunched at the Waterfront Kitchen and everyone appeared to enjoy the opportunity to talk about photography and anything else that came up. After lunch we visited the Wool Museum to see the photographic exhibition which included wildlife images from all over the world.

Each image had the metadata recorded which helped us to understand how the photograph was captured. As photographers we had an appreciation for the images and stayed longer than expected; getting home at about 5.30PM.

Overall it appeared everyone had a great day.

Tim Keane Clubbies

Gallery for this outing