End of year competition 2021

Entries for our end of year competition are due on Tuesday 2 November 2021. Of images entered throughout the year, members can select from those to enter the end of year competitions:

  • Two images for Colour EDI
  • Two images for Monochrome EDI
  • One image for Creative EDI

Due to the current circumstances we will not have a print end of year competition.

The entry must have been entered into a 2021 monthly competition and in the same format. Colour EDI and Monochrome EDI images were entered in the Open EDI and Set Subject EDI sections, Creative EDI images were entered in the Creative EDI section.

Entries are due on Tuesday 2 November 2021 through the Competition upload system. Instead of uploading images again you will be able to select from your previous entries as all entries submitted this year are in the system.

The subject for the President’s Trophy is “Just the right…” with your entry due on Wednesday 3 November 2021, this is to the uploaded via the competition upload system.