May 2024 ‘Animals in Action – Behaviour (nature)’ results

Judge: Sam Mariani

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Keith Webster - Frog snack
Intermediate: Keith Webster – Frog snack

Daren Fawkes - Dinner time
Advanced: Daren Fawkes – Dinner time

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Lyndel Holt - Pondering
Intermediate: Lyndel Holt – Pondering

Felix Shparberg - Different emotions
Advanced: Felix Shparberg – Different emotions

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Jenny Hartman - Road to El Chalten
Intermediate: Jenny Hartman – Road to El Chalten

Leanne Poole - Mayfly
Advanced: Leanne Poole – Mayfly

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Take your nature photography a step further and take an image of an animal/animals in action. Looking for animal behaviour (running, jumping, flying, feeding, mating, fighting…). The editing rules for PSA Nature are to be followed but not the content rules. Domestic animals are allowed as are objects created by humans, and evidence of human activity.