June 2024 ‘Triptych’ results

Judge: Sarah Louise Jackson

Set subject EDI

Kirsten Morton - Sunbreak Wavebreak
Intermediate: Kirsten Morton – Sunbreak Wavebreak

Daryl Lynch - Moomba Fireworks
Advanced: Daryl Lynch – Moomba Fireworks

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Simon Glance - MilkyWayfromWA
Intermediate: Simon Glance – MilkyWayfromWA

Sim Chong - Morning Mist
Advanced: Sim Chong – Morning Mist

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Jenny Adams - Roald Dahl
Intermediate: Jenny Hartman – Jenny Adams – Roald Dahl

Vicki Moritz - Turf farm survivor
Advanced: Vicki Moritz – Turf farm survivor

Set subject definition:

A series of three (3) images that are linked and presented in a single frame. There are no limitations on editing beyond what is in the by-laws.