Social BBQ on Tuesday 8th January 2019

Our first activity of 2019 will be a social BBQ at Brickmakers Park in Oakleigh on Tuesday 8th January 2019 from 6:30pm. Seats might be needed as there is limited seating, but plenty of space at the BBQs.

This is also the due date for our February competition, so bring along your print entries and make sure you are a paid up member!

Our venue:
Brickmakers Park
23-29 Stamford Road, Oakleigh 3166

Definitions for monthly competitions in 2019

February – My Home Environment

An image which tells the viewer something about the club members home – inside or outside.

March – Perspective

All entries in monochrome.

An image in which linear perspective is a key element. The image may be taken from a different angle or viewpoint that would normally be expected from a photographer. Examples of perspective can be overhead, low to the ground, acute angles or closer than normally seen.

April – Landscape or Seascapes

A landscape is a photograph of natural scenery with land and sky based elements displayed in a pictorial fashion.  It may include evidence of man, people, animals, even part of the sea provided that none of these additional elements dominate the photograph.  A seascape is a photograph of natural coastal scenery, a wave study, or a picture of the open sea, provided always that the sea is the centre of interest of the photograph.  People, boats and man-made structures may be present as incidental to the photograph.

May – Portrait

A photograph of a person or persons that may range from a head study to full body length.  This includes candid photographs and formal portraits.

June – Movement

An image that incorporates or expresses movement. The maker can use subject movement or even implied movement where picture elements suggest directional motion.

July – Animals

A picture of living animals, birds or insects either confined or in their natural environment. Studio style images of animals are acceptable.

August – Travel

A Photo Travel image expresses the characteristic features or culture of a land as they are found naturally. There are no geographic limitations. Images from events or activities arranged specifically for photography, or of subjects directed or hired for photography are not appropriate. Close up pictures of people or objects must include features that provide information about the environment. Techniques that add, relocate, replace or remove any element of the original image, except by cropping, are not permitted. The only allowable adjustments are removal of dust or digital noise, restoration of the appearance of the original scene, and complete conversion to greyscale monochrome. Other derivations, including infrared, are not permitted. All allowed adjustments must appear natural.

September – Minimalism

An image that is simple without complicated subjects and backgrounds and has only one or two elements in the scene. The KISS principle applies to images taken for this category.

October – Food

An image of food taken in any environment such as a picnic, BBQ, your kitchen, a restaurant or any other place where food is prepared and/or eaten is acceptable. The image may contain people, animals or man-made objects such as a table and cutlery etc. but, the food must remain the dominant subject in the image for e.g. cutlery on a plate full of food is acceptable whereas an empty plate with cutlery is not.

November – High key/low key

All entries except creative must be monochrome.

An image which is predominantly bright with darker subject elements (high key) or predominantly dark with brighter subject elements (low key).

A look back at the outings from 2018

Throughout 2018 the club went on a number of fantastic outings, a huge thanks goes to Ross and Helen for organising them.

For each outing we create a gallery and encourage members to upload their images, from these a “mystery judge” will select one image.

The winners of the outing awards for 2018 were:

Path to the Castle - Fred Seeber
Fred Seeber – Path to the Castle

Tim Keane - Blues Window
Tim Keane – Blues Window

Ray Stabey-Pearly Whites
Ray Stabey – Pearly Whites

Jason Kim-autumn lake and tree
Jason Kim – autumn lake and tree

Janelle Bichel - Highland Afternoon Tea
Janelle Bichel – Highland Afternoon Tea

Anthony Pearsall - Speed 2
Anthony Pearsall – Speed 2

Jiancheng Cao - The Bridge 2
Jiancheng Cao – The Bridge 2

Marlene Chaitra - Balancing
Marlene Chaitra – Balancing

Ross Eddington - Just for two
Ross Eddington – Just for two

Marlene Chaitra - A long way to jump
Marlene Chaitra – A long way to jump

End of Year Results 2018

End of year competitions

Open Print

Russell Lucas - Morning March

1st – Russell Lucas – Morning March
2nd – Helen Warnod – Priest – Yemrehane Kristos Church-
3rd – Vicki Moritz – Copenhagen Nyhavn boats
HC – Anthony Pearsall – Diehard
HC – Vicki Moritz – Dazhai village sunrays

Colour EDI

Jill Shaw - Fisherman with his two cormorants

1st – Jill Shaw – Fisherman with his two cormorants
2nd – Russell Lucas – On The Ancient Bridge
3rd – Jill Shaw – Blue jeans frog
HC – Anthony Yap – HomeComing

Monochrome EDI

Michelle Golden - Water Spray

1st – Michelle Golden – Water Spray
2nd – Rosie Hughes – PARLIMENT HOUSE
3rd – Michelle Golden – Deep Swimming oBike
HC – Russell Lucas – Creative Concrete
HC – Ivan Tnay – The stairs

Aggregate awards

Set Subject EDI – A Grade

1st – Rosie Hughes – 22 points
2nd – Anthony Yap – 19 points
2nd – Julie Madders – 19 points
2nd – Bob Thomas – 19 points
3rd – Anne Ramus – 17 points

Set Subject EDI – B Grade

1st – Vira Vujovich – 25 points
2nd – Chris Herft – 17 points
3rd – Samantha Pearsall – 14 points

Open EDI – A Grade

1st – Anthony Yap – 18 points
1st – Geoff Shaw – 18 points
2nd – Russell Lucas – 16 points
3rd – Hans Huysmans – 15 points
3rd – Jill Shaw – 15 points
3rd – Bob Thomas – 15 points

Open EDI – B Grade

1st – Vira Vujovich – 20 points
2nd – Anthony Pearsall – 14 points
3rd – Ross Major – 12 points

Open Print – A Grade

1st – Vicki Moritz – 26 points
2nd – Rosie Hughes – 22 points
3rd – Richard Conn – 18 points

Open Print – B Grade

1st – Ray Stabey – 17 points
2nd – Hedley Anderson – 14 points
3rd – Ray Evans – 9 points

Creative EDI – A Grade

1st – George Skarbek – 8 points
2nd – Rosie Hughes – 7 points
3rd – Keith Webster – 5 points

Creative EDI – B Grade

1st – Ken Barnett – 7 points
2nd – Anthony Pearsall – 4 points
3rd – Jill Anderson – 2 points
3rd – Chris Herft – 2 points
3rd – Ross Major – 2 points

President’s trophy

Anthony Pearsall - Young Joshua Smith-After Dobell
Anthony Pearsall – Young Joshua Smith-After Dobell

End of year competition 2018

Entries for our end of year competition are due on Tuesday 30 October 2018. Of images entered throughout the year, members can select from those to enter the end of year competition with two images in each of:

  • Open print
  • Colour EDI
  • Monochrome EDI

The entry must have been entered into a 2018 monthly competition and in the same format. A print must have been previously entered as a print, and an EDI must have been previously entered as an EDI. An EDI cannot be printed and entered as a print, or vice versa.

On Tuesday 30 October 2018 bring your prints along to be placed in the competition box, but do not resend your EDI files to the comptetion address, you only need to send through the filename of each entry.

Do not forget about the President’s Trophy, those entries are due (emailed to the competition address) by Monday 12 November 2018.

Results from 28th Eastern Interclub 2018

On Wednesday night we participated in the 28th Eastern Interclub 2018 run by the Maroondah Photographic Society

Congratulations to Eastern Suburbs Photographic Society and Yarra Ranges Photographic Society for winning the print section, and to Maroondah PS for winning both the EDI and black and white EDI sections.

Individual congratulations to Ron Weatherhead for first place in EDI for Dragon Flies:

Ron Weatherhead - Dragon Flies

and Vicki Moritz for third place in prints for SM its snowing:

Vicki Mortiz - SM its snowing

See our Eastern Interclub 2018 galleries for all of our entries.

September 2018 ‘Faces and Characters’ results

Judge: Ricardo da Cunha

Set subject EDI

Helen Warnod - Mursi tribesman
A Grade: Helen Warnod – Mursi tribesman

Chris Herft - Mujer con cigarro en la antigua Habana
B Grade: Chris Herft – Mujer con cigarro en la antigua Habana

Open EDI

Russell Lucas - On The Ancient Bridge
A grade: Russell Lucas – On The Ancient Bridge

Jason Kim - fisher man in gunnamatta beach sunset
B grade: Jason Kim – fisher man in gunnamatta beach sunset

Open Print

A grade (tied): Rosie Hughes – LATE AFTERNOON YANGSHUO

Ray Stabey - Happy Seals
A grade: Ray Stabey – Happy Seals

Creative EDI

Anthony Yap - HomeComing
Anthony Yap – HomeComing

August 2018 Workshop – Tom Putt, AGM, and Swap and Sell

We are pleased to announce that for our workshop on Tuesday 21 August 2018 we will be in the newly renovated main hall at the Mount Waverley Community Centre.

At 7:30pm we will be holding our Annual General Meeting, members please ensure that you sign in on the night. We aim to keep this as short as possible.

Our main feature of the evening will be a presentation (starting at 8pm) from award-winning fine art landscape photographer Tom Putt.

Our final item of the night is the Swap and Sell. Many items have already been listed via email, but feel free to bring along any other items you no longer need but think other members might.