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Just thought that this may be of interest to WCC members, it is the site of Martin Bailey who spends most of his time passing on tips to photographers. I have been listening to Martin’s podcasts for a few weeks now and find them a valuable resource, please visit the site and see what Martin has to offer.

Martin Bailey is a Tokyo based nature and wildlife photographer, specializing in capturing the nature of Japan, though turning his hands to many other genres. He releases a popular weekly photography Podcast, available in iTunes, as well a popular photography forum and this blog.
Born in England in 1967, Martin has lived in Japan since 1991, spending much of his time photographing the natural places of this beautiful land. He also runs popular wildlife and landscape photography workshops.

In addition to selling fine art prints and licensing his photography for commercial use, Martin is also available for assignment work, so if you need a photographer you can trust in Japan, Martin is the person to talk to.

Additional Information & Links
Visit the Photography Forum or Martin Bailey Photography Podcast page at Martin’s main Web site.

For more information on the Nature and Wildlife Photography Workshops, visit Martin Bailey’s Photography Workshops page.

Follow Martin on Twitter.

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Subscribe to the Martin Bailey Photography Podcast in iTunes.