Martin Bailey Responds to the Previous Post

Martin Bailey has responded to me regarding the previous post below and as a consequence has started a forum on his very popular site to allow members to publicise their own clubs. You’ll notice that the top of the list is WCC, so thank you Martin for responding positively to my email and BLOG post. Here’s Martin’s Text from his reply:

Thanks very much for that introduction blog post to your camera club too. That was very nice of you. I hope your members find it useful. It certainly helps to spread the word.

I took a look at the sites you linked to. Thanks very much.

Regarding adding a link to your club’s page; you gave me an idea. I’ve started a Camera Club Links post. It is better for search engines to find this if it has its own topic post. I’ve added your club as the only post right now, but will solicit more clubs to add to the page from now. It should turn into a useful list if people get interested. Thanks for suggesting this!

Here’s a link to the new post: