Sunday’s Arcades and Alleyways Tour

This Sunday WCC heads off on it’s much anticipated Arcades and Alleyways tour.

It will kick off at 8am when those brave/silly enough will have congregated outside the info centre at Fed Sq.

We will head over the road to Hosier Lane/Rutledge Lane and come out onto Flinders Lane. Turning right we will head to ACDC Lane/Duckboard Place where we will be at 9am.
From there we will continue on Flinders Lane up to Exhibition St and then turn left. The aim is to be in Coromandel Lane at 10am. Coromandel Lane runs off Little Collins St between Exhibition and Russell Streets.

Proceeding via Melbourne Place and on to Bourke St we’ll cut through to Little Bourke via Brien lane which is just west of Market Lane. On Little Bourke between Market Lane and Brien lane is another lane called Paynes Place. Go down here to a lane by the name of Croft. We should be here at 10:30am.

After Croft Lane it’ll be back onto Little Bourke and west into Chinatown. There’s a fire hydrant in Celestial Av which is off to the right and I think it’ll be about 11:10 by the time we get there.
Tattersall’s Lane is the next one down the road and also the next stop. 11:30am
Out on to Lonsdale, across Swanston and left into Caledonian Lane, west on Little Bourke into GPO lane.

Stop at the GPO at about 12:15pm for some more photos and then lunch. At 2pm we head into Royal Arcade followed by Block Arcade and through to Centre Place and Degreaves St, which could be a good spot for a coffee to end the afternoon.
It’s pretty hard to say exactly when we will be at certain places but as always you can ring me on 0403 803 299. The whole tour is contained within nine blocks and the distance walked will be 2 – 2.5 km.

Thank you to Ross Vaughan and Dave Sumner for their help in putting the itinery together.
See you there,

I was looking for a map I could download and mark the route on but had no luck – this is the best I can do.