News and Updates

Just a quick reminder to you all that Tuesday 4th is cometition night and the judge will be Adrian Smith who has judged our Tabletop/Still Life Competition.

Sunday’s outing to Melbourne’s Arcades and Laneways was a huge success with 21 people attending. BLOG post to follow today.

It has been brought to my attention that my email, ‘what’s new on the BLOG today’ needs to have a link back to the main page because the links are taking you to individual news items and you are finding it hard to get back to the main page from there. Therefore, from now on, the email will contain a link back to ALL of the news items. I appreciate this feedback because without points like this, I can’t improve things for you the viewers. If anyone has anymore ideas or suggestions please let me know.

It has also been pointed out that the link to the BLOG from the main club web page isn’t clear enough so I’ll ask Alan to create some better and clearer links.

That’s all of the news for now so I’ll hopefully see you all on Tuesday night.

Dave Sumner