Committee for 2011

On Tuesday, October 17 we held our annual general meeting where there were some changes to the committee. As it stands now:

  • President: Pete Davies
  • Vice President: Ian Hansen
  • Treasurer: Rodelle Keogh
  • Secretary: David Burton
  • Webmaster: Stephen Edmonds
  • Assistant webmaster: Dave Sumner
  • Print Comp Steward: Albert Hutchison
  • EDI Comp Steward: Stephen Edmonds
  • Membership Secretary: Jill Myers
  • Social Secretary: Andy Armitage
  • Wadham House Rep.: Fred Bullock
  • Judge Coordinator: Peter Myers
  • VAPS Representatives: Roger Howell, Dave Sumner, Rodelle Keogh
  • Ordinary Members: Roger Howell, Allan Scott, Jenny Boyle