Golfing after dark

Hi all! Another great night-out on the WCC Friday Night-Outing.

Some of us went to Pete’s’ house to make some images of the night sky.

Pshaw!!! What night sky? The great cloud mass, that was predicted, decended soon after dark, and the huge orange moon that showed itself, (herself?), ever-so-briefly, ducked behind it for the rest of the night. Did I metion the rain? Well the rain began soon after the moon went behnd the clouds. Not wet rain, not drenching rain, but rain sufficeint to dampen the enthusiasm of lesser mortals; all thoughts of sparklers, glow sticks and baloon torches were forgotten.

No there is more actually! The ever watchfull Pete and Dave decided that the long piece of green “pretend grass” would make a great driving mat, and the little blue strobe light inside might just provide enough illumination to make some images of someone driving at the little white golf balls that suddenly appeared.

As we know golfers dont seem to mind the rain so Dave Sumner stepped out into the wet (as he always does at times like these) and took his stance and began swinging at the ball while we set up under the eves, our cameras on tripods “f stop at 2.8” “ISO at 100”, “shutter speed at 4 secs” and “press the button when I call go”.

Dave tired himself out, Pete took over and soon we were all taking multiple images of golfers taking mighty swings, under flashing blue strobe lights, at shutter speeds of 4secs, 2secs, and 1sec in light rain until 10.00pm.

Thanks Pete thanks Dave – Rosie and I had a great evening.