Club Outing Suggestion: Tooradin Tractor Pull and Truck Show – Sat 15th Jan 2011

Hi folks, one camera club outing has hardly been concluded and the next is being advertised on an e-mail close to U.

The Tooradin Tractor and Truck Show happens on Saturday the 15th of January, at Tooradin funnily enough.  The Family Day held at the Rutter Reserve in Tooradin begins at 10am and ends at 10pm, so a full day’s entertainment is offered.  The cost of this extravaganza is $25 if you arrive after 12 noon and $15 if you arrive before 12noon.  Part of the entertainment includes a Truck Show and Hellicopter Rides – I cant guarantee real hellicopters folks but there you go.

This show has been run very successfully every year since 1998.  The tractor pull is judged by class and includes classes for engine modifications, fuel modifications, weight modifications and size modifications.  I have heard that some of these monsters have a 1000 horsepower engine tucked away under the bonnet and some even have several 1000 horsepower engines tucked away under the bonnet.  As if that much horsepower is not enough some have centurion tanks hidden under there while others have ww11 jet aeroplane engines – dare I say it “…tucked away under there”.  “And what do they pull  Andy?  And well you might ask, “a weight transfer machine” I’d reply;  I have read that a weight transfer machine becomes heavier and digs further into the ground as it is pulled along.

So there you have it folks a fun family day at the Rutter Reserve in Tooradin, Saturday the 15th January 2011.  $25 if you arrive after 12 noon $15 if you arrive before 12 noon and you may stay till 10pm what ever time you arrive.

Cheers Andy