WCC Photoshop Group

WCC Photoshop Classes

Don’t forget…our monthly Photoshop classes will be starting in February (last Wednesday (23rd) of the month) at Wadham House. Classes will run from 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

So far we have had 15 members ‘sign up’.  For the beginner, classes will be structured in a way so that they can learn Photoshop from the ground up. Rather than an ad hoc approach where in each class we tackle a multitude of issues that individuals may be having I think a better approach would be to structure the learning from the very basics to more complicated tasks over the course of the year. Hopefully by doing this people can learn at a steady pace and build on their skills over a period of time. Intermediate uses will also gain knowledge when topics such as setting up Photoshop (first session), blending modes, smart objects, and masks (just to name a few) are covered in later sessions.

Other topics that will be covered include image evaluations and how Photoshop can be used to enhance images for competitions which include producing better prints.

Ideally you will have a laptop with Photoshop installed or you could possibly share with someone.  Why? The only way to learn will be to do it yourself therefore these will be hands on classes, so you will be doing as much work in class as me (and at home!).

*** PLEASE NOTE *** You won’t be able to just turn up and attend as numbers are strictly limited so If you want to take part you will have to register your interests with either Pete Davies or myself.