Cranbourne Rodeo – 29th Jan 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen the Cranbourne Rodeo 2011 is happening on the 29th of January and Waverley Camera Club has scheduled “A Day Out at the Rodeo” unfortunately Rosie is asthmatic and the dust, horses, cows, bulls, sheep goats and other, sometimes 2 legged critters even, make her very sick.  We were out at the Mareeba Rodeo in Queensland one year and she was very ill and her sisters from the surrounding aboriginal communities came to her aid. So Rosie and I will not be going. Embarrass!! But what’s even more embarrassing is that I can not find any details about the current rodeo on the web, all references to the Cranbourne Rodeo are from previous years and relate also to the Newspaper that reports the rodeo.  So please watch this space for a little longer, tomorrow I will call the newspapers in Cranbourne and have something up here for your information.