Club Outing – Sunday 6th Nov 2011

Hi all – the next scheduled WCC Sunday Outing is  Sunday the 6th November at Chesterfield Farm and the Traction Engine Museum. The address for Chesterfield Farm is 1221 Ferntreegully Road Scoresby 3170 and the Melways Reference is 72 D8.  You must pay to get into the farm but the traction engine display is FREE.

I have put an emphasis on scheduled because there has been at least one other unscheduled suggestion this month.  The take-up for the unscheduled suggestion was not good.

Just opposite The Farm at 1200 Ferntreegully Road Scoresby is the Traction Engine Museum.  This is a collection of traction engines maintained by the Steam and Traction Engine Club in the South Eastern Suburbs.  They have a large and varied collection of steam engines including ploughing engines, steam rollers, portable engines and a large collection of industrial engines, marine engines and stationary steam engines. THIS IS A STATIC DISPLAY.
On Sundays they also run a miniature railway.
They are opened from 11.00 am to 4.00 pm each Sunday and entrance to the museum is FREE. There is a small donation box.

But on the LAST Sunday of the month which is Sunday the 30th October they will ‘raise steam’ and run as many of the engines as they have volunteers for, in the areana.  So all you steam buffs, if you want to make images of steam engines working in a captive environment then go down there on Sunday the 30th October first. I think Rosie and I will.

Given the farm is opened reasonably early but the steam museum is opened after 11.00am i’m suggesting it will be a longer day with lunch in the car so together with wide angled lens, tripod and flash unit dont forget to bring along a picnic basket, a drink or two and some water.  Rosie and I will try to be at the Farm reasonably early and stay ontill the Traction Engine display is opened.  I love trains  – dont you!!!

One thing I havnt been able to confirm is the weather for the 6th November but who in his/her right mind will try to predict the weather in Melbourne several days ahead?

Cheers folk and have a great day- Andy