Posing and lighting workshop with Andrew and Fiona Harrison

Hi Folks,

I am very happy to announce that the November workshop on the 15th will star two of our recent and very well received judges Andrew & Fiona Harrison.

Fiona and Andrew run Passion8 Photography (http://www.passion8photo.com.au/) and have very kindly agreed to pay a second visit to our club for a workshop evening.

The workshop will be on Posing & Lighting. It will be free for members which is a massive bonus as the Harrisons are much in demand as speakers.

I have absolutely no doubt that the evening will be hugely entertaining and highly educational so please clear a space in your diary and make sure you attend. Bring something on which to take notes, these guys are Masters in Photography and we will all have a fantastic opportunity to learn from them.

See you at 7:30pm on Tuesday the 15th of November at Wadham House.