Last Sunday at Chesterfield Farm

Rosie and I had a great day out at the Club Outing at Chesterfield Farm on Sunday.

As it was both of us had been ill for several days with a malady U don’t really want to hear about. Be-that-as-it-may we both hauled ourselves out of bed on Sunday morning feeling sufficiently adventurous to make the decision to join the group on the Sunday Outing.

We got there just after 10:30am and we made up the numbers of WCC members waiting. Included in this group was none other than Natalie. Natalie has been swamped with work recently and it was great to see her again resplendent in her hall mark red top. Great for photographs. Thanks for coming Natalie.

It was also wonderful to see 2 ladies from the Novices Group Elizabeth and Michelle who spent the day assiduously following Pete Davis’ instructions on how to shoot images in poor light conditions – Right ladies?; John was there, as was Paul. It is great to see the new members taking advantage of an opportunity to make images with some of the more experienced ones.

Among the oldsters were Diana, Anne and Leo, Leif, Rosie and I of course. Leif was a great help to anyone who cared to listen and the first thing we did was up the iso rating on our cameras to match the poor light conditions of the afternoon.

Interestingly enough the roosters, turkey gobblers, peacock, guinea-fowl and other critters didn’t seem to mind the weather which through the late morning and into the afternoon got darker and more threatening – they say it rained in East Bentleigh but we were quite dry all day.

Some hours later we wandered off to the steam engine museum but there was nothing exciting happening there so after a quick walk we decided we would leave and return to the comfort of our respective rocking-chairs and hot-chocolate. And by the way if you believe this last bit then I you might also be interested in this block of land in Brisbane I havnt seen since the floods!!

Cheers Andy