Rodeo action

Just because I was somewhat successful with a couple of my rodeo images last year, I have been looking at the rodeo calendar for some days now in an effort to repeat the performance. There is plenty of rodeo activity happening right here in Victoria – this month, next month and in fact right up until March 2012. So here’s the thing – do we as a club want to go to a rodeo specifically to make images?

If we are, then I am prepared to try to get us some nice seats in a prime position! If we, collectively, are not interested then Rosie and I will go together, as we do anyway. Here are some dates (though we cant go in January!)

28th – Cranbourne

11th – Kyabram
25th – Whittlesea

9th – Kyabram
10th – Merrijiig(?)
17th – Cockatoo

… now this is all I know so if you want to go as a group let me know and I will do some research. Find a contact, butter it up, and see what happens.