Sunrise at Williamstown

The next camera club outing is on Sunday the 5th of February at Williamstown. Be mindful please this is a sunrise shoot which means it happens very early in the morning, yes even while it is still dark! Bring along a sturdy tripod, a remote shutter release, and a torch.

We will meet at the intersection of The Strand and Stevedore Street in Williamstown at 5:45am. Sunrise is at 6:38am with first light at 6:09am.

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  1. Bring a TRIPOD because there are long shutter speeds involved, some people may have a spare one with them if anyone doesn’t have a tripod and others might be able to share if required.
  2. There is more to shoot than just the sun, it will be hectic from first light to sunrise and for about an hour afterwards. Don’t forget to look behind you as well for the suns light on subjects.
  3. We will be looking at the sunrise over the city (or fairly close to it) and there may be hot air balloons over the city to photograph as well.
  4. Please be there promptly and leave in plenty of time as there is always shots to be taken before the sun comes up.
  5. Also if the moon is out like last year, twilight is the best time to take shots of it so if that interests you, see Pete or Dave and we’ll help you with it.
  6. We usually look for some breakfast at a café afterwards so if you don’t want to cart sandwiches etc. you are more than welcome to join us.
  7. Even if it looks cloudy there may still be a good sunrise so don’t be put off by the weather 40 km away at home. If it is cloudy and rainy when we get there, then we’ll have a great WCC breakfast together instead.

I am sorry I have waited so long to get this out to you all.

Cheers and have a great day!

UPDATE: We have found out that Citylink will be closed from Toorak Road until 9am on Sunday morning, an alternate route such as Dandenong Road should be considered.

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