September’s Open Competition Results

Waverley Camera Club’s monthly photography competition for September was held on Tuesday the 1st September 2009 and was judged by Pele Leung. The competition topic was ‘Open’ and there were a total of 86 images submitted to the competition, 51 EDI and 35 Prints.

Pele was excellent in his judging of the images, giving essential feedback where needed and he also dealt out the odd compliment as well. Pele’s awards of Merit and Highly Commended are listed below along with the Winners of the four categories. Pele treated us to three of his AV’s after the competition was concluded which were just stunning, especially the Melbourne at Night presentation.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Pele for judging our competition and for sharing his AV’s; with us, I know I speak for everyone when I say that we all had a great night. Also, thank you to all of you who took time to enter the competition and congratulations to the prize getters.

The results were as follows:
(Please click each link to view the images on the SmugMug site)

A Grade Prints

Image of the Month:
Leif Anderson – Boyds Forest Dragon

Highly Commended:
Fred Bullock – Burnt Snowgums
Albert Hutchison – Big Wheel
John Mallett – Moth Orchid

Roger Howell – All Aboard
Ron Weatherhead – Strangle Hold
Roger Howell – For Journeys Past
Teddy Tan – Bride_and_Father

A Grade EDI

Image of the Month:
Teddy Tan – Catch Me if You Can

Highly Commended:
Roger Howell – Riding the Thermals
Alan McLean – Stillness

Leif Anderson – Melbourne Redical Centre
Vicki Moritz – Taggerty River
Ross Garner – Wool Classing

B Grade Prints

Image of the Month:
Rachel Kazantzis – St Mary’s Cathedral

Highly Commended:
Peter Myers – Winter Drought
John Hadfield – Venetian Jewel

Perry Kazantzis – Alley Bar Girl
Peter Myers – Montsalvat
David Burton – Pinball Fun
Stephen Edmonds – The House on the Point
Lisa Mason – Let Me Off

B Grade EDI

Image of the Month:
Dijana Risteska – Good Days Bad Days

Highly Commended:
Andy Armitage – Red Lantern
Justo Lei – Top of the World
Peter Myers – Downham Village

Dave Sumner – Three Heads are Better than One
Ake Severinson – Leading by Example
Peter Myers – Lake Burwain
Sue Gabriel – Balloons Over Mount Merit

Photos for Bushwalking Victoria

Have you got any photos that could be used to illustrate the “Green” walks booklet that Bushwalking Victoria is putting together? The locations are:

Jells Park
Botanic Gardens
Williamstown (foreshore from Williamstown Beach around past Time Tower to Gem Pier)
Ricketts Point
Grants Picnic Ground, Sherbrooke (the easy walks starting from there)
Station Pier to St Kilda pier
Merri Creek, north of Rushall Station
Bundoora Park
Maribyrnong River
Kororoit Creek

Each walk will have a map, walk notes and one or two photos to tempt walkers to try it out. Final format of booklet will be A5.

Please email Catherine Guli ( ) including a highly compressed image (small file please, say < 250 kb) for selection. Please also include the location and that you are a member of WCC.

If you can help then please do so now as the deadline is just a week away! Thanks, Ron ( )

Workshop for July

The workshop tonight (Tue) will no longer have 4 club selection as scheduled. We now have all the entries as digital files and we will be putting together a selection panel who will simply go through the images online and make the selections from there.
The geo tagging will still take place and we will be going through naming and resizing of digital files as well.

To fill in the rest of the time I thought we should do some more still life photography. Not the sound triggered flash stuff we did upstairs but the cameras that were posed in the back room downstairs. Those of you who were there at the last still life workshop will know what sort of things to bring.


Last time we did this only two people turned up with any of the above items (apart from cameras).

If the same two people are the only ones to do so again we will have to take it as a sign that you are not interested in this sort of activity and will not be programming these kinds of shoots again.
See you there,

Warragul National

A few members ventured out to Warragul on Sunday to see the Warragul CC National Exhibition, here’s Pete’s account of it.

A few members ventured on over to Warragul to have a look at the Warragul Camera Club’s 37th National Photographic Competition last Sunday and enjoyed viewing the acceptances on display.

Congratulations to Tuck and Leif who both had acceptances being exhibited.
The mystery that seems to surround these “Nationals” was explained to those who were there and the next National in Pakenham should see some more members of Waverley entering into competition. For a gold coin donation you can’t get much more of a photography exhibition, the standard was generally excellent and there were plenty of images to look at.

After the exhibition Dave, Philip, Beth, Leif and I hit the road (in glorious sunshine) and headed for Noojee. By the time we got there it had been raining for 15 minutes (Noojee is only 30 mins from Warragul) but when we stopped at the trestle bridge the sun was almost peeking out again. A few shots of the bridge and into town to the Latrobe river and then on home. The light was poor so it was an opportunity to concentrate on composition and see how much could be rescued in Photoshop. On the way home I stopped to do a panorama using Peter Myers pistol grip tripod – an interesting experience! I stitched eight pics together in this shot. Once again a most enjoyable afternoon.


Click on images to view larger versions

Knox B&W competition

We have been invited to be one of six clubs competing in the annual Knox B&W competition.

Our entries are in and the judging night will be on Wednesday the 22nd of July.

It will be an excellent opportunity to go and see some monochrome photography and I really do hope that Waverley can muster as many representatives as possible.

The venue is the Boronia West Primary School, Tormore Road, Boronia at 8pm.

Mt Macedon Outing

Sunday the 5th of July was scheduled to be the club outing to Mt Macedon no matter what the weather and the weather was such that only five people braved the cold and slightly damp conditions. Stephen was in shorts (as usual) so it couldn’t have been too cold! The temperature gauge in my car said that it was 3 degrees up at the Memorial Cross, but we also had some welcome patches of sunlight.
First stop of the day was a lake in Macedon and I honestly thought I would be the only one there but Natalie soon rolled up and we went for a stroll around the lake. Fish were jumping out of the water but not in slow motion so neither of us got a shot. We did find an abandoned kids bike in amongst the pines which I found to be an interesting subject.

Next port of call was supposed to be the Forest Glade gardens but it was closed so Nat and I went to a waterfall in Mt Macedon where we caught up with Stephen. This was the first time shooting a waterfall for all of us and while it wasn’t the most spectacular fall it was a good learning experience.

The Memorial Cross was the next stop and as is usual for a camera club trip the view was obscured by clouds. There were large patches of sunlight travelling across the landscape teasing us but nothing came of it except for some frosty noses. It was at the Cross that we caught up with Perry and Rachael and the touring party was complete.

After a hot chocolate in the cafe it was off to Woodend for lunch but along the way we stopped to look at some funky cows (which have a proper name – Belted Galloways) but they were off in the far paddock and the light was pretty dull so we continued on our merry way.
The Victoria Hotel is an extremely popular place for lunch and we hadn’t booked so it was off down the road to Keatings Hotel for lunch. Having warmed up with some good food we ventured out once again and headed off to Hanging Rock. We got there about three and headed on up the hill stopping at several places to take some photos. Naturally the sun hid behind some clouds when we got out of the cars and didn’t come out again until we had descended but we were rewarded with a very nice rainbow at the end of the day.

Driving back back to Mt Macedon we had to pull over to try and take advantage of some of the most intense late afternoon light I’ve ever seen. We had about three minutes before it was gone but it was good to see. We drove back past the paddocks where the funky cows were and they were all up on the fence close enough to touch but by this time it was practically dark so they will have to wait for another time. I doubt I’ll be able to retire on the strength of the images I took on this trip but that was hardly the point. Yet again I thoroughly enjoyed myself due to the people I was with and I’m already looking forward to the next outing.


Macedon Outing

Outing on Sunday the 5th of July.

The outing this month is to Mt Macedon and surrounds. There is a wealth of fantastic locations in the area and we will struggle to get through even a few of them. There will be a number of meeting points throughout the day so you can turn up whenever suits you best.

The first is in Macedon (not Mt Macedon) at a lake that doesn’t have a name. We’ll meet there at 8:30am. To get there take the Calder Highway towards Bendigo. Get off at the Macedon exit and turn left onto Black Forest Drive and head towards Woodend. Turn right into Nursery which isn’t all that far past the Black Forest Motel. Head towards Macedon on Nursery until you see the Nursery on the left. Just past the nursery you will see a railway bridge going over the road, the lake is on the left before you go under the bridge. It’s not sign posted but it’s hard not to miss.

Next stop will be the Forest Glade Gardens in Mt. Macedon. We will meet there at 10:00am and it’s a $6 donation to get in. It is on the road from Mt Macedon over the top to Woodend. It’s on the right hand side of the road roughly three kilometres from the antique store with the red petrol pump out the front. The antique store is on the left as you travel to Woodend. Parking for the gardens is on the side of the road.

Next stop as we make our way to Woodend is the Memorial Cross. We will be at the Cross at MIDDAY. Parking is free at the Cross which is easy to find as it is well sign posted.

Woodend is the next port of call where lunch will be had at the Victoria Hotel at 1:15pm. The Victoria Hotel is the white pub on the left hand side of the road as you head north.

From the pub we will head off to Hanging Rock for the rest of the afternoon. As it’s $10 per car to leave Hanging Rock (entry is free) it might be a good idea to carpool from Woodend if indeed you aren’t already carpooling.

We will leave for Hanging Rock from Woodend at 2:45pm. The picnic area at Hanging Rock closes at 5pm (I think) at which time everybody heads home having had a splendid day out.
As usual you can call me if you want to know where to find us.
See you there,


Upcoming competition

The subject for the next competition is: Still Life/Table Top.

This means that all your entries must be either a Still Life or a Table Top setup.

A still life is something that you have set up yourself. Just like the old still life paintings the subject can be whatever you choose. It could be a vase of flowers, a bunch of shells, a bottle of wine or anything else that takes your fancy. The object is for you to come up with a pleasing composition with however many subjects you put in your picture.

Table top photography is much the same as still life but encompasses more. The shots taken at the sound triggered flash workshop would qualify as table top. Be aware that if everyone enters a shot of a balloon bursting it could make for a very repetitive judging.

Workshop Night Tuesday June 16th

The June 16 workshop will be a sound triggered flash and still life night.

In one room George Skarbek will set up his sound triggered flash rig and in the other we will attempt to do some table top photography. This means you have to bring some stuff with you on the night… Your camera and tripod for one.

For the sound triggered flash you can bring whatever you like that will make a noise to set the flash off. George is going to bring some balloons to pop with a dart. It wouldn’t hurt to have more balloons on hand so if you have some handy bring them with you. Other things that will work on the night could include breaking a light globe with a hammer, perhaps we could get in close and photograph a match being lit.

I am counting on you to come up with some more, interesting options. What about coating someone’s hands with flour and getting them to clap? There are endless possibilities so please bring any blown light globes you have lying around and anything else you want to have a go at. Please keep in mind that if you want to make a mess you will have to clean it up.
Because we will be smashing glass please bring your sunglasses or another type of eye protection with you. The last thing I want on the night is to have a piece of glass lodge itself in someones eye. It’s unlikely but best to be prepared. I will have a few pairs of safety goggles but not enough to go around.

In the other room we will attempt to do some table top photography. Dave Sumner is going to bring some older style cameras for us to take pictures of. You might have a bunch of flowers or a model train that you would like to shoot.


It doesn’t matter what it is this is really an exercise in composition and lighting. We also need you to bring some light sources with you. Any kind of light source will do be it a desk lamp or torch or whatever else you can think of. If it needs to be plugged in we will also need you to bring extension cords and powerboards. If you have these things and don’t bring them in then what’s going to happen if everyone else thinks the same as you?

This has all the makings of a really fun (and educational) night but it’s up to us – we’re only going to get out what we put in. See you there.

Knox Photographic Society Monochrome Competition

Just a reminder that our club has been invited to take part in the Knox Interclub competition on Wednesday the 22nd of July 2009.

The competition will be for “Novice Small Prints”, “Large Prints” and “Digital Electronic Projected Images” . It is an OPEN competition, but restricted to MONOCHROME only. Each club may enter 5 in each category.

The judging night will be at Boronia West Primary School, Tormore Road, Boronia. 3155. Melway 64 J8. (Near the Knox swimming pool) starting at 8pm and followed by supper.

All Prints should be mounted. Prints must be identified with a title, Club name and maker.

We will select 5 large prints from those entered in the recent 4-club and VAPS competitions. If you had a monochrome print in one of these competitions, please bring it to our next meeting.

There is a great oppprtunity for members to enter Novice Small Prints (Maximum mount size 8×10 inches – maximum image size 5×7 inches). We will seek interest at our next meeting.

Digital Electronic Projected Images will be selected from entries to our recent EDI competions.