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by on Feb.19, 2009, under Competitions

Pete Davies has kindly sent some instructions on preparing your images for EDI submission.

These instructions are for Photoshop, I apologise if you dont have PS but the theory is the same and the actual instructions should be similar whatever program you use.

If you want to enter some pictures in the digital comp at Waverley CC then here is what you do.

First select the photo you want to enter and do all the work in Photoshop that you would normally do to it, such as cropping, straightening etc…

NOW SAVE YOUR WORK. This is very important. Up until now you have been working on an image that is roughly 8 x 12 inches (depending on your camera) and if you continue on with the steps we are about to do without saving you will end up with an image that is too small to print should you decide you ever want to do so.

Have you saved your image? Good. Don’t close the file because we are about to resize it so that it conforms to the PI rules.

For this example lets say that the image you have just saved is 8 x 12 inches in size at a resolution of 300 pixels/inch. That would be perfect to print out and frame but it’s too large a file for the PI comp.

At 300 pixels/inch an image which is 8 inches high is 2400 pixels high. (8 x 300 = 2400)
And so an image which is 12 inches wide is 3600 pixels wide. (12 x 300 = 3600)
So in terms of pixels your image is 2400 x 3600.

The digital projector we use can only output 1024 pixels across and 768 pixels from top to bottom. This 1024 x 768 resolution is known as xga resolution and is based on the same number of pixels found in the old crt monitors. As technology improves and becomes more affordable we will probably move to High Definition which is 1920 x 1080 pixels but for the foreseeable future 1024 and 768 are the numbers you need to know.

To resize your large image go to the IMAGE menu in the tool bar and scroll down to IMAGE SIZE. If you are using a newer version of PS the short cut is Alt+Ctrl+I. A new dialogue box will open up and it’s in here that we make the necessary changes.

For the example I am using an image which is 8 inches high x 12 inches wide and 300 pixels/inch.

Make sure that the constrain proportions box and the resample image boxes are ticked. You will find these boxes at the bottom left of the dialogue box. Having these boxes checked will ensure that when the picture is resized both dimensions will be resized proportionally thus maintaining the picture’s aspect ratio.

To make this file smaller go to the top part of the dialogue box marked pixel dimensions and change the width figure of 3600 to 1024. Doing this will automatically change the height figure to 683 pixels.

Once you have changed the width to 1024 pixels go to the drop down box at the very bottom of the dialogue box. It probably says Bicubic. If you are using a newer version of PS you will have the option of Bicubic Smoother and Bicubic Sharper. If you do then choose Bicubic Sharper. If Bicubic is the only choice you have then that’s fine.

You will notice that the image is now 3.413 inches wide and 2.276 inches high and if you look at the top of the dialogue box you will see that the file size is now 2.00M. Before the resizing it was 24.7M so it is a significantly smaller file.
Why is the image now 3.413 inches wide I hear you ask? Well the image is now 1024 pixels wide still with 300 pixels per inch. 1024 divided by 300 equals 3.413. Too small to be printed but perfect for what we want.

Click OK to make the change. The dialogue box will disappear and the file on screen will appear to shrink in size. Hit Ctrl+0 (zero) to maximise the file on screen. Have a good look at the picture and make sure you are happy with it. When you are SAVE AS.


SAVE and SAVE AS operate slightly differently. Choosing SAVE AS will create a new file which is what we want because we do not want to lose the large 8 x 12 file which we may want to print someday.

A new dialogue box will appear when you choose SAVE AS. Select the location where you want this new file to be kept.

Name the file like this:
WCCxxyy-MM-Title.jpeg where xx is the month of the competition, yy is the year and MM is the members two digit membership number.

For example Pete (who is member number 14) wants to enter the June comp in 2009 with a picture called ”Stunner” and another picture called ”Awesome”.
He would name his files like this:


The A after the member number is simply the first of his two allowed images and B is the second.

Under the FORMAT drop down box select jpeg.

Hit OK to save.
When you do this another dialogue box will appear asking you how much compression you want to apply to the file. Choose a number from 10 to 12 in the quality box and hit OK.

That’s it! You’re done.

All you have to do now is email your pictures to comp@waverleycameraclub.org before the deadline.

Up to 2 images can be submitted per comp and they can be either colour, monochrome or creative/experimental. There is only one digital comp which means that all styles will be competing against each other.

In the example above the final image size turns out to be 1024 x 683 pixels. It’s not 1024 x 768 but that’s absolutely fine. If we were to make the image 768 pixels high it would scale the side to side measurement to 1151 pixels across which is too big and will be rejected. If you have a picture that is portrait format then the process is exactly the same except when you change the pixel dimensions. Instead of changing the width as we did in the example above we have to change the height.

As a rule of thumb you should always change the longest dimension. If the longest dimension is the width that means the picture is in the landscape format and you should change the pixel dimension to 1024. If the height is the longest dimension then you need to change it to 768 pixels high. If you follow the steps outlined above then a 2400 pixel (8 inch wide) x 3600 pixel (12 inch high) image will be scaled down to 768 high x 512 wide. Where it gets a little tricky is when you have an image which is square or nearly square. If your image is square then you will need to resize it to 768 pixels high. This will result in an image which is 768 x 768. If you resize it to 1024 x 1024 it will be rejected for being too large.

The maximum size for any image is 1024 wide x 768 high.

Pete Davies

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Tech Tip For VISTA Users

by on Feb.18, 2009, under General

All you Vista users out there can have the blog updates come straight to your desktop via the sidebar. To do this you will need to do the following:

1. On the sidebar, not the taskbar at the bottom (where the clock, weather etc is displayed) add the news ticker twice. You’ll need one for the WCC Blog and another for the WCC Tech blog. You can use one ticker if you wish for all feeds but I use two to keep them seperate.

2. Navigate to the WCC blog http://wccmonthlynewsletter.blogspot.com/ and click the posts pull down menu under subscribe to WCC news. In the menu that appears select ‘atom’.

3. In the new window that appears under ‘Waverley Camera Club Members Information Blog’, click ‘subscribe to this feed’.

4. In the new window that appears click the ‘subscribe’ button.

5. The first window should reappear and it should have ‘You have successfully subscribed to this feed’ in there.

6. Go to your Vista desktop and in one of the newstickers that you installed in the side bar, hovver the mouse pointer over it and select the small spanner to enter the ticker options.

7. In the options, in the pull down menu, select the WCC feed you subscribed to and close the options.

8. repeat these steps for the Tech Help Blog http://wcctechhelp.blogspot.com/ on the other news ticker and you will now receive the updates direct to your desktop.

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VAPS Newbrief email addresses

by on Feb.18, 2009, under General

There has been a request from the VAPS Newsletter Editor regarding email addresses, please ensure that if you haven’t received a VAPS newsletter and you should have, you inform him ASAP. If required please notify a WCC committee member who can pass on any changes for you. Please read on……..

This is the request from VAPS……

VAPS Newsbrief editor, Barrie Attwood, reported 30 Newsbrief emails bounced-back in February and we would appreciate your help to contact people who did not receive their February issue. Perhaps a line could be included in your club newsletter asking your members to make sure that Barrie has been advised of any change in their current email address, or to simply remind people to empty their email box in order to admit incoming mail.

We are hesitant to delete people from the email list, but repeated bounce-backs cause unnecessary additional work. If an address repeatedly sends an error message it will be deleted from the distribution list. Your help in this matter would be appreciated.

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Jell’s Park BBQ – Tuesday 18th Feb 09, 6:30pm

by on Feb.18, 2009, under Outings

Tuesday night and the WCC annual summer BBQ was held in Jells Park at the Stringybark Picnic Area. I arrived at around 6:40 to find that the BBQ covered area was already awash with photographers who had two Kookaburras posing for them on the rafters of the shed. Some people had already been down to the lake and taken shots, others were busy cooking and there were few wandering around trying shots here and there but the turnout was fantastic.

I decided that hunger was more important than the urge to take pictures so I headed for the BBQ. Albert, Anne & Leo, Alan, Tuck and one or two others were gathered around the BBQ cooking, we passed around some stories and discussed how to keep the BBQ’s going and managed to eventually cook some food although Anne’s chicken kebabs still looked pretty raw even after 20 minutes of cooking. Albert had obviously done this before and had his cooked, he took his food to the nearby table after spotting some Kooks sitting in a nearby tree posing nicely for a shot.

Unknown to Albert, this was a tactic employed by these clever birds to lure an unsuspecting BBQ photographer into a well planned and well practiced trap. Unfortunately for Albert he fell for it, hook line and sinker and whilst he was distracted taking shots of an unusually well posed bird, its accomplice swooped and was last seen heading in the opposite direction with one of his sausages. He did give a short chase but soon realised that he had been fooled and settled for what was left on his plate.

After eating it was time for a bit of low sunset photography and a short walk around the lake. The walk didn’t really have anything inspiring but on the way back the horizon had taken on a fantastic shade of blue and some silhouette shots were taken and were very successful. It was at this point when two Tawny Frog Mouths appeared and just sat so close to us on a post and in the tree that we were stunned. They were that close that I actually could not get my 100-400 lens to focus on them and had to move backwards. Unfortunately the light was so low now that flash was required to get anywhere but the birds did stay around for us to get plenty of shots.

I thoroughly enjoyed the night and I hope that everyone else did too although I did get bitten by the mozzie’s. The feedback about the blog was good and it seemed to be going down well but only time will tell. There has been one point that arose which was that not all people have access to the internet however, I have been reliably informed that there are only two members listed without email addresses and one of those has a partner who has got an email address and the other is believed to have access to the internet. Even so, with the internet so easily accessible these days it is easy to access the Blog from many places.

Thanks again to all who attended and please check out the calendar for the next event.

Dave Sumner

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Club Trip to Grants Picnic Ground – Sunday 1st Feb 09, 7am

by on Feb.18, 2009, under Outings

Sunday morning at 7am, Grants Picnic Ground about 3km beyond Belgrave and an already rapidly filling car park. Pete who lived the closest also was the first to arrive followed by me, Roger, Fred and Albert. The first surprise of the morning was the number of other people who were already there, joggers, walkers and even the odd tourist and of course, 5 intrepid photographers. A bit of a poor turnout but not surprising given the hot days we’d had previously and the early start on a Sunday morning.

After exchanging some banter we headed off in the direction of the Paddy Track hoping to get some nice sun rays shining through the mist in the trees but alas, even though there were some low clouds around, none seemed to be willing to create the rays that we were after. The sun did provide us with some lovely shots through the trees though and some brightly clothed joggers gave us some colour in the forest. Unfortunately not even the plants wanted to be photographed on this day as all thoughts of a bit of macro work disappeared when we could find hardly any subjects.

However, later on some very bold Yellow Robins provided us with some excellent close up shots, it was almost like they were being paid to model for us. This was surprising given the amount of people that were walking along the track, in groups and quite noisily in some cases. It was at this point that we said goodbye to Roger as he had to leave or suffer a fate worse than death at the hands of his wife if he didn’t get to the breakfast on the terrace they’d booked at Wheelers Hill.

After strolling for what was about a kilometre, we approached the top of the hill where the path descends down towards Belgrave and turned around. More Yellow Robins, colourful joggers and other objects presented themselves as we strolled back towards the car park where the cafe and a nice breakfast awaited. The cafe was full of Japanese tourists so we had to sit outside. However, this was an absolute blessing in disguise as three Kookaburras’ were patiently sitting waiting on the balcony to be fed. Albert went into action and took a good few photographs, unfortunately at least one of us had followed the Presidents advice and left there camera in the car. I retrieved my camera and thank goodness the Kooks were still there waiting. It was at that point having noticed the interest in the corner, that half of the cafe exited onto the balcony trying to get shots of the three birds who sat motionless waiting for their breakfast. The poor people sitting in the corner had to move tables or be mobbed by the crowds. It was almost impossible to even see the birds as the tourists adopted all sorts of poses in front of them.

Breakfast eaten, coffee & tea drunk, tourists gone and it was nearing 11:30. Pete had to go and so did I so we bid our farewells to each other on what had been a very pleasant morning with some promising photographs waiting to be loaded onto the computer. Hopefully the next Sunday will have a better turnout and we’ll all enjoy ourselves just as much at Abbotsford Convent on the 1st March, see you there.

Dave Sumner

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