VAPS Newbrief email addresses

There has been a request from the VAPS Newsletter Editor regarding email addresses, please ensure that if you haven’t received a VAPS newsletter and you should have, you inform him ASAP. If required please notify a WCC committee member who can pass on any changes for you. Please read on……..

This is the request from VAPS……

VAPS Newsbrief editor, Barrie Attwood, reported 30 Newsbrief emails bounced-back in February and we would appreciate your help to contact people who did not receive their February issue. Perhaps a line could be included in your club newsletter asking your members to make sure that Barrie has been advised of any change in their current email address, or to simply remind people to empty their email box in order to admit incoming mail.

We are hesitant to delete people from the email list, but repeated bounce-backs cause unnecessary additional work. If an address repeatedly sends an error message it will be deleted from the distribution list. Your help in this matter would be appreciated.