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Fancy some Astro-Photography?

by on Oct.30, 2009, under Outings

Fancy some Astro-Photography?

My friend Subby is an ex pilot a trainer of pilots and an air-traffic controller. Over his long and successful life he has also become a keen astronomer offering his pilots another means of charting their way from here to there without over-shooting the preferred airport.

He now wants to take pictures of the stars and constellations and to this end has joined the mornington peninsula astrological society.  Next year he is willing to bring/take his gear to a suitable location and allow WCC members an opportunity both to look at and photograph the heavens if we so desire.

I will be joining him on this jaunt early in December and will let you know more about it later in the new year – Saves us the trip to the mornington peninsula ourselves I say!

Cheers Andy…

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Fancy Some Bird Photography?…

by on Oct.29, 2009, under Outings

Hi all!  I have been researching the possibility of WCC heading off somewhere to do some bird watching/photographing and I have come up with the ‘numero uno’ spot.  At a number of now dry ‘wetlands’ I have asked where all the larger water birds are and been directed to the Werribee Sewerage Farm, now euphemistically called the Western Treatment Plant.

Here then are the details.

To enter the sewerage farm you will need a key and a permit.  The permit costs $20, is not transferable and may be used over a period of 2 years; the key costs $50 which is a refundable deposit, it must be returned within 2 weeks of the permit running out to get the deposit back.  There is a provision however for short term loan of keys;  short term loan keys may be collected at the time of arrival and returned at the time of departure but because someone is not always around, (I wonder why?), call 9742 2828 tell them when you are coming and a key will be left for you to pick up from a mutually convenient place. Needless to say returned to the same place when you depart.    Problem solved!  Each Bird Watching Permit is good for a car full of as many as 5 people.

Have a great time and don’t get your feet wet!!

Cheers Andy

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Christmas Dinner Update…

by on Oct.29, 2009, under Outings

Hi all, the main purpose of this email is to bring you all up to date with the arrangements for Christmas Dinner.

We will celebrate Christmas together, at dinner on Friday the 11th of December at Madeline’s at Jells.  Madeline’s is located within the precinct of Jells Park where parking is available either opposite the restaurant or beside it. We have booked out the main function room which I believe is called the Alexander Room.  Suggested arrival time is, say, between 6.30pm and 7.00 pm for a dinner service which might begin at, say, 7.30pm.  The restaurant would like us to make full payment, and where possible to tell them what we would like to eat, before we arrive.  They also ask that if U have any food allergies they be told about it so they can sort the issue out in the kitchen before we arrive.  This, they say, makes for a quick and easy service.  So, given we don’t have many full meetings left, I must ask anyone who has not yet made a payment to see Rodelle our Treasurer for 2010, and please do that as soon as you can. The full cost for the 3 course dinner is $50 per head not including drinks.  This is a strictly no BYO venue. Rosie and I have eaten at Madeline’s and we were impressed with the level of service and indeed the taste of the food.

Your choice of meal can be made from the menu on the blog site but for those of you who, like me, have trouble with anything even vaguely electronic here it is again;

Entree – selection of either …
Pumpkin Soup
Lamb Kofta or
Crispy Calamari

Main Course – selection of either …
Fish of the day
Fillet Steak
Fettuccini or
Chicken Breast

Dessert – selection of either
Chocolate Addiction
Sticky Date Pudding
Trio of Ice cream

We have a list of 36 members who say they would be there which makes for a right crowd.  If anyone else is still thinking about it don’t wait too long.

Cheers Andy Armitage

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Werribee Sunday Nov 1st 2009

by on Oct.27, 2009, under Outings

This Sunday coming WCC will be going to Werribee. Meet at 10am at the Werribee Mansion.

Parks Victoria: Werribee Park

Unfortunately I will be missing my first outing for the year so you won’t see me there.


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End of year competition 2009

by on Oct.27, 2009, under Competitions

G’day Folks,

It’s almost end of year comp time again. This year things are slightly different:

  • You can enter up to 3 COLOUR prints in the Colour Prints section.
  • You can enter up to 3 MONOCHROME prints in the Mono Prints section.
  • You can enter up to 3 EDI in the EDI section.
  • EDI’s can be either colour or mono – they all compete against each other.

All of the entries MUST have been entered into one of the WCC 2009 monthly competitions. All of the entries MUST be entered into the same section in which they were originally entered. For eg: you quite like your EDI entry from the April comp – it must be entered as an EDI, you cannot print it and enter it as a print.

All prints must be in with Albert by this Tuesday (Cup Day). All EDI’s must be submitted by Thursday the 5th of November. To submit an EDI you can either tell comp@waverleycameraclub.org the name of the entry and the month it was entered or send it again and use 12 for the month in the file name.

The President’s Trophy is a bit of fun that we have every year. You can enter up to 4 EDI’s to the President’s Trophy online Gallery anytime until the 30th of November. The subject for this year’s comp is “One Amongst Many”.

Simply email your entries to comp@waverleycameraclub.org and make sure that you point out they are for the President’s Trophy.


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New club website

by on Oct.23, 2009, under General

Welcome to the new Waverley Camera Club website.

In addition to a new design, all of the posts from the old blog have been migrated back into the main site.  Although not yet complete, we will endeavour to migrate all information from the old site.

For the time being the old website is available at http://old.waverleycameraclub.org/

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Christmas Dinner…Update

by on Oct.12, 2009, under Outings

Hi folks.  Great response to the Christmas thingy on the 11th of December.  16 acceptances – I have now been able to get my hands on a Dinner menu suitable for a function taking about 4 hours;  But if U haven’t responded yet please do so quickly as I must BOOK this real soon. Here goes!

On arrival
Pita Bread with oils (?)

Entree selection
Pumpkin Soup or
Lamb Kofta with jasmine rice or
Crispy Calamari with the lot

Fish of the day or
Fillet Steak (250g) with mushrooms and veg or
Fettuccini with mushrooms, white wine, cream and parsley or
Chicken breast with feta and sun dried tomatoes with a cream sauce

Chocolate addiction or
Sticky Date Pudding or
Trio of Ice cream

This is a strictly No BYO folks – under any circumstances but there is a substantial beverage list and what the restaurant quaintly calls a ‘beverage package option’.  We can talk about that later.
Cheers Andy Armitage

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October Competiton Galleries

by on Oct.09, 2009, under Competitions

All of the images in the October Competition print gallery and the October competition EDI gallery have been updated with the awards and judges comments.

***NOTE*** The judge used the term KISS, extensively on the night and in his comments. For those of you who missed his expalnation, KISS stands for ‘K’eep ‘I’t ‘S’imple ‘S’tupid.

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Competition Night – Tuesday 6th Oct 09

by on Oct.06, 2009, under Competitions

The subject for tonight’s competition is ‘BLUE’ and there may be a few surprise winners.

Don’t forget that November’s entries are due tonight and as usual Albert and Peter will be collecting your submissions whether they be a print or EDI on a disk. If you are sending EDI entries via email then don’t forget the naming convention and sizes.

See you tonight

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